Ceramic Tile Dry-hung Grooving Machine

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Ceramic Tile Dry-hung Grooving Machine


(1) Motor power:2.2kw*2=4.4kw

(2) External size:3m*1.3m*1.8m

(3) Voltage:380v

(4) Weight:about 300kg

(5) One-stroke cut 2 grooves,width of groove can adjust
(6) Specification of tiles:300*600mm  400*800mm 500*1000mm  600*1200mm

(7) Application:tiles,stone,ceramic plate

(8) Contruction way:dry hung up(dry hung up with no frame,dry hung up with frame),wet hung up(wet paste,dot paste,dot hung up)

(9) Type of dry hung up part:

8001 type,width of groove 27mm
8803 type,width of groove 28mm

69803type:width of groove 40mm

Dry-hung Grooving Machine

ceramic tile processing machine

Material of hung up part:aluminium alloy

Ceramic tiles dry hung up groove machine,double blade gas automatic automatic induction controls lifting,the cutoff route is controled by travel switch,high automatic,up down left and right can be adjusted,angle can be adjusted,easy to operate,good effect of processing dovetail dry hung up,no crack-edge,no corner-crack.It is the first choose equipment for stone and tiles dry hung up,which is the lastest dry hung up equipment reasearched by foshan Yongtao CO.,Ltd.

Distance between wall within 1cm

Environment protection:no need glue(the old way of installation consume much glue,produce poisonous gas)

Steadiness:eight-shaped is stable.

Not fall off:the first installation for beam,door opening,fastner and tiles,stone,wall are firmed.(some water absorption of tiles and stone are below 0.5% cause cement and wall can not be cohere,easy to fall off.

Change:no need glue to cohere,loosen the nuts can change a new one(faster,tiles,stone can be re-use).

Gear hole:easy to install,low labour intensity,high construction speed,decrease the weight of buildings.

New tiles paste technology

Solving the problems of troditional concrete wall,concrete mortar paste tiles(potential risk)

(1) water absorption of polishing tiles below 5%,the shrinkage of mixed clay is twice of tile,the surface of tiles cause check even spalling becaus of heat-expansion and cold-contraction.

(2) The density of polishing tile is bigger than concrete mortar,mixed clay will subsidence after initial setting time,cause hollowing,drop out.

(3) The preservative of tiles go against tie up,the back of fingerprint free coating will go against tie up effect if you don’t clean it up.

(4) Tiles are bigger and heavier than before,the water absorption is lower,the way of concrete paste can’t reach the requirment.

Old handle way:

1.clean the back of tile,watering wall,tiles soaked in water.

2.Tiles tie up copper wire(copper wire and glue are high cost,construction progress is slow.

3.The glue of polishing tiles,marble and grey marble(has poisonous gas,drop out,aging).

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