YDM-152 Ceramic Mosaic Chamfering Machine

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YDM-152 Ceramic Mosaic Chamfering Machine

Ceramic mosaic chamfering machine concentrated on mosaic specification 76*152mm.This machine has follow characteristic:high processing speed,uniform chamfering,stble performance,no damage, solving the serious problems of troditional manual chamfering machine,such as poor quality,high cost,low productivity. This machine adopt automatic switching machine.For 76*152mm mosaic,only need 2 people to work,the output is equal to output of 10 people using traditional machine.It is the best equipment for processing this kind of mosaic.

We can customize the mosaic specification depended on your request.

ceramic mosaic chamfering machine

mosaic chamfering machine


Number of chamfering wheel

Workable specification

Max workable thickness

Diameter of chamfering wheel





External size


Total power




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