Basic Knowledge of CNC Waterjet Cutter (3)
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Basic Knowledge of CNC Waterjet Cutter (3)

  Aug 24-2020

6. What factors affect the cutting efficiency of the CNC water jet cutter?

There are many factors that affect the cutting efficiency of a CNC water jet cutter, and they influence each other. It mainly includes structure and quality of cutter head, pressure level and fluctuation range of water jet, intact degree of water nozzle, suitability, and quality of abrasive texture and specification, the integrity of sandblasting pipe, etc.

Note the lower the cutting speed, the better the quality of incision.

Head of water jet cutting machine

7. How to choose a good CNC water jet cutting machine?

When Choosing large manufacturers, you need to have a look at the manufacturers on the market with a large number of waterjet cutting machines. Large scale manufacturers are with timely market feedback, timely improvement of production technology. Besides, they are coupled with the scale effect, and the purchasing scale of raw materials is large, which can ensure the quality of raw materials.

The water jet cutting machine is a processing tool, the standard of a good tool is: with high efficiency; it should be durable, that is, with low failure rate; at low cost.

Step 1: to see the cutting efficiency.

Cutting efficiency includes incision quality and cutting speed. One of the characteristics of a CNC water jet cutter is that the lower the cutting speed, the higher the quality of the incision.

Take the same piece of material to several waterjet cutting machine manufacturers to try cutting, and then compare: under the same cutting quality, whose cutting speed is fast; under the same cutting speed, whose incision quality is high. The minimum requirement for cutting is to cut off the material. The cutting speed is a reliable comparison index.

Step 2: compare durability.

The main fault of the high-pressure cutting machine is the water cutter. The performance of water jet cutting machine manufacturers is different from each other.

The quality of high-pressure cylinder, accumulator, high-pressure plunger, one-way valve plug, high-pressure seal, one-way valve, and other parts directly determine the failure rate of water jet cutting machine. The longer the service life of these components, the better the waterjet cutter is. When signing a contract with the manufacturer, it is better to make clear the service life of the main parts and sign a clear life guarantee contract.

Step 3: compare the cost of repair and maintenance.

At present, there is no common standard for water jet cutting machine, and the interchangeability of parts is relatively low. Moreover, the high-pressure parts of a water jet cutting machines are of limited service life. Therefore, the purchase of a water jet cutting machine not only depends on the price of the whole machine but also on the price of accessories. Not only to see the unit price but also to calculate the comprehensive use cost in combination with the service life.

In short, users can ignore the pressure, flow, and accuracy indicators, and just see and hear how to get guaranteed in the contract.

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